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Lithium 1000VA UPS Inverter


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1000VA Load Capacity, 925Wh Lithium Phosphate Battery, Sine wave Output

Reduces your Electricity Bill with Fast Charging Lithium Battery & gives relief from Frequent Power Cuts. Suitable for normal Home, shop or Office. It can take load of 3-4 Fan, complete Lights & LED TV, Fridge or Cooler.

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Item Code Bheem 1000
Product Description

230VAC Mains Charging

1000VA Capacity

Sinewave Output

Extra Large LCD Display for Parameters

UPS / Inverter Mode Selection

10A Normal / 15A Fast Charging Selection Provided

15A Max. Charging Current

60A Max. Discharging Current

Fast Charging 925Wh Built-in Lithium Phosphate Battery

Backup Better Than 180AH Lead Acid Battery

MCB for Battery Provided

Works of Regular Inverter Wiring

Sturdy Wall Mount Housing

425 (H) x 425 (W) x 160 (D) mm Size


3 Years Product Warranty

5 Years Battery Replacement Guarantee

Warranty Terms & Conditions:

Warranty against manufacturing defects for Battery & Electronics Card only.

Warranty void if product repaired, modified, changed physically or technically.

Warranty does not cover burnt, Brocken or damaged parts.

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