12V / 24V, 60A MPPT Solar SMU, 2000wP Solar Panel Max.

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MPPT Solar SMU 2000w Panel Max.


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12V / 24V, 60A MPPT Solar SMU, 2000wP Solar Panel Max.
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Item Code Power Pro 60 M 2000
Product Description

Solar Management Unit (SMU)

MPPT Technology, Microcontroller Based MOSFET Switching

Connects Load to Solar after Battery Charge & Solar Available

98.5% Efficiency

SPV VOC: 40V - 100V Max

Max. 2000WP Solar Panel

(Connect Solar Panel 2series & 3 Parallal for 24V Battery /2000wP)

(Connect Solar Panel 3 Parallal for 1000wP Solar Panel)

12V/ 24V Battery Auto Selection

12V Battery Boost Voltage 14.7V

24V Battery Boost Voltage 29.4V

Max. Battery Capacity 400AH

Battery Type Lead Acid

Max. Battery Charging Current 60A

Max. Solar Charging Current 30A

Over Charging, Over PV Voltage, PV Reverse & Battery reverse Protection

LCD Display for PV Voltage / Current, Battery Voltage / Current & PV Wattage, Solar Units, Power Save, Mains Disconnect, Battery Voltage

Sturdy Wall Mount Housing

Warranty 2 Years

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